Sheet Metal Design

Our sheet metal design services are focused to help you achieve reduced material scrap, shortened product development cycles and deliver quality engineered products.
Our engineers specialize in 3D modeling services for fabrication of sheet metal building, doors, windows, , machine tools, automotive components and industrial equipment. We create 2D CAD drafts and 3D CAD models and evaluate product performance using industry-leading technology tools to help you stay profitable.

Sheet metal designing facilitates efficient production cycles and improved interoperability with contractors and suppliers. Professional sheet metal designs compliant with the industry standards further help businesses optimize and accelerate their manufacturing process, and are therefore extremely important.

Sheet Metal Design Services We Provide:

  • Identifying crucial design parameters and specifications
  • Designing 2D and 3D solid sheet metal components followed by assembly-drafting & modeling
  • Importing and converting 3D CAD models into¬† sheet metal models while keeping in mind the exact K-factor, thickness, and bend radius.
  • Generating base, miter, bends, sketched bends, edges, swept flanges, lofted bends, etc.
  • Developing accurate fabrication drawings, 3D sheet metal models, manufacturing drawings, 2D flat drawings, assembly drawings according to manual blueprints, etc.
  • Estimation and costing for your sheet metal design projects
  • Include sheet metal welding details for specific sheet metal parts on drawings and models